How you can determine which Persian rug is woven for you

Persian rugs onlineWhen you go to buy a Persian rug on the internet, the purchase process should not require you to invest a lot of your time and money, only to find that all you needed to really invest was a little of your energy, which is the true secret to buying good rugs irrespective of whether you are buying them from a market or from the internet.

So, how can you buy authentic Persian rugs online or from the market without worrying about its authenticity? Every genuine Persian rug has a story that has been carefully woven around it that makes you certain that you were a part of it.

Patterns and details – The story of carpets weaves itself back to the 1600s, where rugs were purely hand-made and had patterns on them that cannot be seen on the carpets woven by machines.

Designed for pure ecstasy – Be it blue Persian rugs or red ones, the traditional rugs carry the mark of imaginative and unique craftsmanship. No rug that has been woven by machines would have such perfection and style in design as the authentic Persian rugs.

The materials used – When you think of buying Persian rugs online, the characteristic that differentiates them from the machine woven rugs is that they use either just cotton or wool, which are environmentally friendly materials and safe for even children to sit on.

The technology used – While selecting a Persian rug, whether it is from a heap of attractive looking blue Persian rugs that have been woven by hand or otherwise, you would need to remember that it is more than just a piece of thick cloth hanging by the thread. Persian rugs are the ones that are woven by the hand are not only authentic, but they are also different from the rest of the heap.

Certified to authenticate – Persian rugs online are not always authentic, but there is always a way to establish whether they are authentic units or not. Original Persian rugs carry an authentication certificate that would help you understand whether they are genuine units or not.

Eventually when you decide which rug you want to invest in and you know you have chosen the right one, you need not despair at all.


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